Peter Aiello

Frontend Developer | Writer | Designer

My introduction to programming began during a project at University where I worked on a bespoke text editor. I discovered multiple emerging disciplines, such as user research, experience design and code. Since then, I have applied this strong foundation and love of learning to the world of web development, picking up essential programming languages and frameworks. I have worked in different integrated marketing companies and eventually joined Dusted, an award-winning design studio working as a Front-end developer. Outside of work, my main passion is running. I have completed three marathons, including the spectacular Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway in 2023.

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Current Work

My current position is working as a Front-end developer at Dusted. Thanks to the company's success in the world of branding, I have had the privilege of working with prestigious clients from a diverse range of sectors, including a multinational car manufacturer (Mahindra) and an essential government accreditor (UKAS). I see my role as looking for opportunities to realise the designs in a way that puts the user first (performant, accessible). More recently, I have been progressing my skills, from WordPress to working with Headless environments.

Notable Clients: UKAS, Mahindra, PIDG, Intralinks


All websites produced are well into the high scores (90+) for Google Lighthouse.

Newer sites have progressed from standard WordPress to a cutting-edge stack, which includes Next JS and TailWind CSS.


Client: PIDG

Agency: Dusted

High-performing website for infrastructure finance group. We opted for a modern tech stack (Next) and hosting environment (Vercel) for the first time.






Client: Cap10

Agency: Dusted

As a startup, one of the key challenges was the staggered approach to launch, which went from a holding page to multiple phases through to completion. The lighthouse results still perform highly years after the live date.





Client: Intralinks

Agency: Dusted

A cost-saving calculator built using Gatsy that estimates the time and money when using the company's services. The technical requirements were that it would work on their existing site.






I write the occasional article on the Dusted Insights page.

Digital Sustainability Article for Dusted

16th March 2020

An article I wrote for the Dusted Insights page on Digital Sustainability. It delves into topics like green hosting and site-speed performance and how they impact carbon emissions.

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Previous Experience

WordPress Developer

PMW Communcications

Feb 2018 - Jul 2020

I worked as a WordPress developer for a full-service marketing agency. One of my main tasks was the complete overhaul and transformation of their existing website into an SEO-optimised, business-generating digital product.

Austin Marketing

Dusted | Frontend Developer

Feb 2018 - Jul 2020

In my first full-time role as a web designer and developer, I worked as part of a small team for a long-established agency. My responsibilities included everything from designing websites to production using pre-existing WordPress themes.

Freelance Web Designer

Feb 2018 - Jul 2020

Whilst working part-time, I also freelanced as a web designer for a local museum and a hypnotherapy and teaching centre. Some of my brand work is still used several years on.

Design Intern

2010 - 2014

Whilst studying, my course featured an internship module, which I used to gain experience at a National magazine (New Statesman).